Aloha Food Music Culture Kama`aina

Aloha Food Music Culture Kama`aina

Aloha Food Music Culture Kama`ainaAloha Food Music Culture Kama`ainaAloha Food Music Culture Kama`aina




Every story found in each issue of Kama`aina Magazine celebrates the beauty of our people, and that special something that makes our culture so unique. From Stories of Aloha to Food, Music, Fashion, Culture, and more, Kama`aina has a little something for everyone. We are a quarterly, print publication out of Las Vegas, featuring stories from here on the 9th Island, in Hawai`i, and across the mainland. We are proud to support local businesses, entertainers, and artists, and to perpetuate the culture we grew up with on our island home. 



At Kama`aina Magazine we believe it's important to be involved in the community we live in and love, and we are committed to doing our part to make our home-away-from-home a great place. Over the past two years, through our Kama`aina Discount Card program, we are proud to have supported local non-profits and community organizations by donating over $3,000 to local groups and individuals, such as hula halau, sports organizations, non-profits, and more.  Mahalo for your support of the program, and our continued efforts in the Las Vegas Hawaiian community.



We are fortunate to have grown up in Hawai`i, and no matter where we live, the connection we have to our island home can continue to flourish as long as we have our Aloha with us. And although we are an ocean away, we are lucky to live in a place that offers so many things that makes Hawai`i special. From our cultural festivals and community organizations, to restaurants with our favorite foods and live island music, our ongoing Calendar of Events shows that the Las Vegas valley is full of opportunities for the Aloha spirit to thrive. 

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