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At Kama`aina Magazine we believe it's important to be involved in the community we live in and love, and we are committed to doing our part to make our home-away-from-home a great place. Through our Kama`aina Discount Card we are proud to support local non-profits  and community organizations by donating a portion of each card sold to a  local group or individual, such as a hula halau, sports organization, non-profit, and more. Plus, you'll be saving money by using and reusing the card at the 12 local participating businesses. Click here for more information, or to purchase yours.


We are fortunate to have grown up in Hawai`i, and no matter where we live, the connection we have to our  island home can continue to flourish as long as we have our Aloha with us. And although we are an ocean away, we are lucky to live in a place that offers so many things that makes Hawai`i special. From our cultural festivals and community organizations, to restaurants with our favorite foods and live island music, the Las Vegas valley is full of opportunities for the Aloha spirit to thrive. Mahalo for supporting our community, and for sharing your Aloha with others each day.


Lahaina, Maui Rebuild

As Hawai`i experienced the effects of Hurricane Lane in August, our island home of Maui also took a major hit as brush fires burned over 1,000 acres of our hometown of Lahaina. Its destruction included seven homes, one being the home of our friends, Mark and Ku`ulei Palakiko and their three young children. They lost everything except what they could grab in the minutes they had to evacuate in the middle of the night; and the story is similar for all of these families.

If you are able to, please donate to their efforts of rebuilding a home, and a life for their `ohana. Below are direct links to the Palakiko Rebuild GoFundMe account and the Lahaina Strong Facebook Donation account to help all seven families.

Mark & Ku`ulei Palakiko Rebuild Fund

Lahaina Strong Fundraiser

In addition, a portion of the sale of each 2018-2019 Kama`aina Discount Card sold in the month of September 2018, will be donated to their rebuilding efforts. To purchase a card, click here to visit our Shop page. Mahalo for your kokua.

Mark & Ku`ulei Palakiko and their children.

Mark & Ku`ulei Palakiko and their children.