About Us


Our Mission

Since our first issue launched in Spring 2012, featuring Shane and Melissa Victorino, we have been committed to bringing locals together by sharing  stories of aloha and perpetuating the culture we grew up with on our  island home. We also strive to help Hawaiian-owned and Islander-supported businesses and entertainers get the exposure they deserve, in hope that they will find success in doing what they love.  

Why Kama`aina?

The name came easy, as it describes the people who the magazine is  about. Literally, “child of the land,” kama`aina derives from the  Hawaiian words “kama” meaning “child”, and “`aina” meaning “land”. The  word “kama`aina” often describes Hawai`i residents regardless of their racial background, and may be considered to be someone who currently lives in  Hawai`i or someone who once lived there but has since moved away and who has adopted Hawai`i’s culture as a way of life.  

Our Founder

Born and raised on the island of Maui, Jill (Reinhardt) Munemitsu graduated from Lahainaluna High School and continued her education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Her career took her into the Advertising and Print industries, and in Spring 2012, she launched the first issue of Kama`aina Magazine. 

Raising her daughters away from Hawai`i, it was Jill’s goal to connect them with their Hawaiian roots, even from an ocean away. She is passionate about passing along the lessons she has learned from her ‘ohana about living with, and sharing, the spirit of aloha; thus each issue is filled with stories that celebrate the people of the islands, with a focus on locals in the Las Vegas Valley. 

Jill lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Joji, and two daughters, Isabella and Lily. She loves indulging in noodle dishes and Hawaiian-style desserts, taking family vacations, and visiting local bookstores.