community & Non-Profit organizations

9th Island Cultural Club of Las Vegas


Established in 2014, the 9th Island Cultural Club of Las Vegas was founded on the philosophy of perpetuating the "Aloha" spirit among the diverse communities we live in and serve. Our Members and Supporters remain intimately committed to reinvesting and educating others; through  community organizations and community events.

Las Vegas Aloha Lions Club


"Serving with the Spirit of Aloha", the Las Vegas Aloha Lions Club is a part of Lions Club International - the world's largest service club organization with more thatn 1.4 million memebers in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and georgraphical areas around the world.

Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club


A private, charitable, non-profit organization whose primary objective is to practice and perpetuate the traditions, beliefs, language, and the arts of the indigenous people of Hawai`i. Chartered by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs in the State of Nevada in 1989, the Club is a 501 (c)(4) organization.

Post Kinship Adoption Foundation


 A Las Vegas-based non-membership foundation focused on perpetuating education, and family adoption within the third-degree of consanguinity . With the help of our tireless board of directors, volunteers and collaboration with other groups and organizations, we formulate annual fundraisers, community events and workshops to help support their education with scholarships and grants.

Pure Aloha Community Development Corporation


The Pure Aloha Community Development Corporation is a 501c3 Non-profit that was established on December 24th, 2015 by President Shawn P. Santana. Pure Aloha Community Development Corporation’s mission is to help less fortunate Families with education assistance, housing and food, along with emergency funds needed to assist with unexpected health and medical issues. PACDC is interested in helping to create a safe and non-violent City of Las Vegas. 

University of Hawai`i Alumni Association & Friends


Created to instill a spirit of friendship among alumni and supporters in the Las Vegas community; to promote a strong image of the University of Hawai`i; to encourage and coordinate activities for our members in support of the educational programs of the University of Hawai`i; and to perpetuate the spirit of "`Ohana" where we edify and lift up the spirits of one another.