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Welcome to Kama’aina Magazine, a full-color print publication featuring stories of aloha from the Las Vegas Valley since 2012. We are committed to perpetuating the culture we grew up with on our island home, and we strive to help Hawaiian-owned and islander-supported businesses and community members get the exposure they deserve, in hope that they will find success doing what they love.

When deciding on the focus of our Summer 2019 issue, I realized that in all the years of publication, we had never done a Food issue. Though we include a recipe in each issue, have written feature stories on Chefs, Restaurant Owners, and food topics in general, we have never dedicated a full issue to the topic… until now. So here it is, our first ever Food issue, divided into three sections, each focusing on a different way of celebrating our love for local food. First, the food itself! From poke to sushi, loco moco to spam musubi, saimin to shave ice, and so much more, we talk about the foods we love and where we go to find them in the Las Vegas Valley. Then, a quick talk story session with six local restaurant owners. We asked them everything from their “first memory of being in the kitchen” to their “favorite after dinner drink”, and their answers did not disappoint. To top it off, we include a collection of recipes from our friends at Cooking Hawaiian Style, each created by local celebrities from back home.

Kama`aina Magazine is a quarterly publication, available free of charge at select locations across the Las Vegas valley. It is also available via paid subscription, mailed to your home or business, with single-issue, 1-year and 2-year options available. Pick up your copy today by visiting one of over 25 locations around town, or click here to subscribe!

We hope you enjoy!

where to find us

Kama`aina Magazine is a free, community publication, distributed at select locations across the Las Vegas valley. Due to the high demand for our publication, copies may not always be available, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Kama`aina is also available for  purchase on our Shop page with single-issue, 1-year, and 2-year options available. 

2 Scoops of Aloha
5030 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas
(702) 998-9709

808 Automotive
730 Susanna Way, Henderson
(702) 564-9258

808 Sushi
7435 S. Durango Drive #101-102, Las Vegas
(702) 541-7874

98.5 Da Shaka
7255 S. Tenaya Way, #100, Las Vegas

Ace Hardware -- Cheyenne

8400 W. Cheyenne Avenue, Las Vegas

(702) 431-2690

Ace Hardware -- Southern Highlands
10630 Southern Highlands Pkwy, Las Vegas

(702) 260-1944 

Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union
9555 S. Eastern Avenue #150, Las Vegas
(702) 776-6900

Aloha Shoyu Company

4080 N. Pecos Road, Suite 102, Las Vegas

( 702) 854-9201 

Cinnamon's Restaurant 

7591 W. Washington Avenue, Unit 110, Las Vegas

(702) 478-7027

DH Customz 808
150 S. 4th Street, Henderson
(702) 899-1758

Dias Law Group, Ltd.

725 S. 8th Street, Suite 101, Las Vegas 

(702) 380-3011

Eden In Love

 6671 S. Las Vegas Boulevard,  #A-123

(702) 684-6005   

Farmers Insurance - Jason Suemoto, Agent
8400 Farm Road, Ste. 140, Las Vegas
(702) 832-5817

HI Coffee Café
90 S. Stephanie Street, Ste. 150, Henderson
(702) 538-8555

HNRS Las Vegas
8174 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 100, Las Vegas
(702) 823-4417

Island Flavor
8090 S. Durango Drive #103, Las Vegas
(702) 876-2024

Island Flavor Express
8846 S. Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas
(702) 538-7474

Island Sushi
9400 S. Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas
(702) 221-1600

Kahuku Poke

450 E. Silverado Ranch Boulevard #125, Las Vegas

(702) 906-2321

Kau Kau Kitchen

4588 N. Rancho Drive, Las Vegas

(702) 515-2006

Leilani's Attic

4741 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas

(702) 912-9819 

Lokahi Studios Collective

6400 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 9, Las Vegas

(702) 429-7757

Meowee Wowee Shave Ice Cafe

4555 S. Fort Apache Road, Las Vegas

Pa`ina Cafe
6870 Spring Mountain Road, #G, Las Vegas
(702) 272-2790

Poke Express – Craig Road
655 W. Craig Road, Suite 118, North Las Vegas
(702) 639-0500

Poke Express – Stephanie & 215
19 S. Stephanie Street #140, Henderson
(702) 778-3352

PostNet – Stephanie & Horizon Ridge
209 S. Stephanie Street, Suite B, Henderson
(702) 269-4800

Ross J’s Aloha Grill
4650 E. Sunset Road, Suite A, Henderson
(702) 435-5600

Xpand Realty
5920 S. Rainbow Boulevard #7, Las Vegas
(702) 289-1669

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